MSc In Economics,
Aalborg University, 1994-2000

MSc In Financial Econometrics,
University of Essex, 1998-1999

CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst,


  • “Investering I Aktier – En Generel
    Indføring I Teori Og Praksis”
    (916 pp.). Hans Reitzel Forlag
    (Autumn 2018)
  • ”Investment Theory And Application –
    A Climate and Microeconomic Perspective”
    (1.100 pp.). New Palgrave Macmillian (Spring 2020)
  • “En Statistisk Analyse Af Danske
    Aktiefonde”. Working Paper (2016)
  • “En Statistisk Analyse Af Danske Obligationsfonde”. Working Paper (2015)

Academic Teaching

  • Econometrics and Macroeconomics. Aalborg University (1999-2000)

  • Fixed Income and Derivatives. Copenhagen Business School (CBS), 2016-2018

Industry Experience

  • Chief Investment officer(CIO).
    BNP Paribas, 2010-2014

  • Head of Fixed Income and TAA. Fortis
    Investment, 2008-2010
  • Head of Fixed Income. ABN AMRO,
  • Fixed Income Manger. Alfred Berg,


August Investment Solutions is a financial and economic site and was founded in 2018 by bestseller author and financial professional, MSc, CFA and Cand.Oecon Thomas Peter Clausen. We currently employ 2 people and 4 computers. The humble company domicile is in the beautiful Danish capital Copenhagen. We currently have on the main menu card 3 products.

Investment Solutions

We offer August Invest Solutions (AIS). A New Generation investment and robotized approach, that facilitates super cheap access to highest global market returns, given your own personal risk preferences. AIS constitutes a family of global investment portfolios that not only follow benchmarks, they are the benchmarks. AIS is designed to and covers currently investors from the US, the UK, Europe, India and Denmark.

All portfolios are calibrated in an “Equilibrium Asset Allocation” (EAA) technique, that by construction
disallows any risky active management, and is designed to capture structural market returns. Our sophisticated Robot AIS, is philosophically and algorithmically founded on suggested investment principles following 50 years of unambiguous financial research. AIS has an Articial Intelligence (AI), but no emotions. As such, rapidly cycling markets and possible human exuberance, will have no impact on AIS decisions. AIS cares for structural shifts only. We feed AIS with microecnomic and macroenomic long-term forecasts from BlackRock Inc., IMF, OECD and relevant central banks.

Financial Education

We offer a large range of educational tutorials within finance and economics. Theoretical and applied topics are illustrated using Microsoft Excel and recorded in short narrated videos. All available for download. You will find textbook classical topics within Equities, Fixed Income and Portfolio Theory”.

All material is pedagogically presented with speak from financial and academic professionals. Many topics covered, are theoretically described in the comprehensive investment books, “Investering I Aktier – En Generel Indføring I Teori og Praksis”, Gyldendal (November 2018), and “Investment Theory And Applications – A Microeconomic and Climate Perspective”, New Palgrave Macmillan (spring 2020).

Trading Analysis

We offer a broad range of tools for investment and trading analysis. Primarily addressing analyses of fundamental values of financial assets. To support analysis of stocks and other assets you will also find tools to retrieve data from the internet via programmed API solutions. Currently it is possible to download a tool that establishes a link from Yahoo to Excel. This section also includes tools on rebalancing of portfolios, which can be applied when rebalancing August Invest solutions. Tools on optimization, risk-return analysis and performance analysis are similarly available and with focus on practical application. Last, ETF monitors can be found within all regions applied. Monitors with name, ISIN, cost, rating etc. and link to Morningstar.


In the pipeline we have a fourth pillar on advanced statistical mutual fund performance analysis. We will introduce Awards in beginning 2020.