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Investmentexcel.com is a financial and economic site and was founded in 2018 by bestseller author and financial professional, MSc In Financial Econometrics, CFA and Cand.Oecon in Macroeconomics, Thomas Peter Clausen. We currently employ 2 people and 4 computers. Below for each of our core products, we have outlined necessary disclaimers and general terms of conditions (ToC).


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Investment Solutions

  1. 1. Portfolio Composition. All FREELY available investment solutions across nationalities and risk-level are produced in a complex framework involving quantitative and qualitative tools. In the video Menu in “Trading Analysis” insight of these tools can be retrieved. All solutions are by definition optimized and suggested solutions with a large degree of statistical analysis. We explicitly outline in the downloadable PDF files the output of our framework including the statistical certainty. What we can guarantee only is that the optimal portfolio compositions are correct, if the underlying statistical assumptions are correct.
  2. 2. Expected Risk And Return. We present for each individual August Invest solution expected annualized return and risk. These follow as output from a quantitative and qualitative framework involving to a large degree, equilibrium assumptions from BlackRock Inc. Both risk and return are statistical variables as they are forward-looking, and as such there can be no guarantee of ultimately-materializing.
  3. 3. Expected Costs. The cost-charge of all ETF’s underlying the August Invest solutions are 3rd party fees. Investmentexcel.com as such, has no influence on the level of these costs once a particular ETF is chosen. But 2 times a year Investmentexcel.com screens ETF’s for among other parameters the fees. In all downloadable August Invest solutions you will notice an expected annualized cost or fee. This is the most recent cost of the ETF of the time of rebalancing.
  4. 4. Tax. All solutions are constructed and suggested Gross-Return. This is a normal procedure in asset management, as taxes vary from nation to nation and even from investor to investor depending on his og her’s tax-deductibility options. Another large and puzzling investor issue is “Double Taxation”. We advice to get local information on tax.
  5. 5. Trading Costs. Just like taxes, trading costs are not a part of the August Invest Model. These costs vary greatly from nation to nation, bank to bank, and of course time to time. What we have done though, is to on our website to suggest various Broker platforms (e.g. Saxo Bank) that specialize in ETF at an extremely low cost. The trading cost of August Invest to a 3rd party Broker is the rebalancing costs 2 times a year. Please refer to our “August Invest Presentation” button on this site.
  6. 6. ETF Change. The ETF’s themselves are 3rd party delivery. Investmentexcel.com as such, cannot be held accountable if any ETF for some reason close or otherwise change its original format at the time of rebalancing in Investmentexecel.com. In this case with ETF change a new rebalancing profile will be uploaded and users notified by E-mail in due course.
  7. 7. ETF Fund Identification. Investmentexcel.com provides solutions with liquid and very low-cost ETF’s or index funds. IE.com cannot guarantee that all funds are available through any bank. Certain banks or Brokers may have business clauses that prevent them of trading particular issue names. It is the responsibility of users on Investmentexcel.com alone to trade and access the individually screened and approved funds. IE.com however, suggests a few global Brokers, Degiro like Saxo Bank that trade all funds.
  8. 8. PDF, Excel And Video Files Ownership. Having downloaded the PDF, Excel or video file you own the file. But not to a full extent. You are legally restricted from in any format to commercialize on downloaded material from investmentexcel.com. Particularly uploading on commercial file-sharing sites like www.spotafile.com. You are though not restricted from sharing with student friends in small groups.

Financial Education and Trading Analysis

  1. 1. IT Erros. We cannot be held accountable for any IT issue in the downloading procedure. Nor any virus related issue.
  2. 2. Excel And Video File Errors. Many Excel files are comprehensive, and small calculation errors could be detected. We cannot be responsible for that. We will however appreciate if Investmentexcel.com is notified in this case. The small probability of any mistake in the Excel files are already reflected in the low cost-price of the files.
  3. 3. API Connection. We provide certain solutions based on API connections. E.g. from Yahoo.com. These are 3rd party links and Investmentexcel.com cannot be held accountable if changes to these links or accesses occur. The probability of API connection change is already reflected in the low cost-price of the files.