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June 5, 2019

As the domain name suggests, this site is about investment excellence. As the name also suggests, mostly in a supporting function, it is about Excel, Microsoft Excel.

We have built the first professional financial engine in the world, that calibrates tailored client-driven global investment solutions in a, “Free, Simple, Transparent and Readily Available Framework”

August Invest Solutions, or just AIS, is the core functionality of the site. Your personal “get-rich” machine. AIS is a Robot founded in Artificial Intelligence (AI) without any human emotions. As such it will not succumb to opportunistic trading in rapidly fluctuating markets. No risk of exuberance we say.

The AIS skeleton is built on unanimous academic research conclusions and signals over the last 50-60 years. Namely, investors should not engage in any short-term trading of the financial market in order to capture short-term fluctuations. The market is too efficient and random, and all risk-adjusted performance is hence due to luck.
What investors should do though, is to seek a 100% long-term passive, fully diversified and optimized solution, given individual investor risk tolerance. For as low costs as possible.

Investmentexcel.com now offers this solution with Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETF) for investors in currently US, UK, EU, Denmark and India.

On the site you will find many places the large cost savings by investing through a vehicle with full attention on investor’s risk-adjusted returns and less on expensive domiciles, staff, IT platform, marketing, advertising and bonuses.This is why our investment solutions are labelled,

Raw Meat – No Fat

We have hence opened and challenged the “Pandoras Box” of how bank’s and asset manager’s construct and manage client portfolios for fees they cannot justify. Not theoretically. Not empirically and not intuitively.

All you have to do is to download the product specific PDF, that reveals in detail all information about expected return, risk and the suggested portfolio composition. The PDF can be sent directly to your broker or bank contact as the PDF simultaneously constitutes a trading ticket with signature.

Fully professional portfolios that historically have performed against other index based solutions and active solutions. On both return measures and Sharpe Ratios.
Welcome. We hope you will find the site inspiring.

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