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June 5, 2019

In this brief Newsletter we will introduce to you the conceptual differences on Investmentexcel.com between the two options you have for retrieving your personal investment solution (s) and management.

All investment (portfolio) solutions are identical across the two options. Only difference is the degree of monitoring by Investmentexcel.com of your individually selected solution.

Note, that all solutions will be almost identical to those you will find in banks and asset managers. But on Investmentexcel.com you do not pay for the service.

At any time Investmentexcel.com has updated Free solutions readily available on the site. These updates are subject to the philosophy and rules of August Investment Solutions (AIS), that essentially states that active management of your money, is an irrational human act, and that changes in portfolios, should reflect only structural changes in macroeconomics and microeconomics.

Please refer to the thorough description in “August Invest Presentation” that can be retrieved in video (with speak) or PDF file.

Our Free Option – Basic Access

You can access for Free a desired solution based on your nationality (currency area) and your willingness to take risk. The latter we label risk-appetite in the financial terminology. From this selection the Robot has pre-calculated the exact nature of the 8-12 ETF funds you need to trade in order to achieve full diversification and an optimized risk and return relationship.

The approach is either to use our simple “Free Fast-Track” flow or to use the more advanced flow on the site, where you have go to “Read More” on the selected solution before download. You can get a risk-return overview of all solutions before you enter the flow.

The Free subscription gives access to all updated solutions as they arrive on the site. However, if Investmentexcel.com changes the portfolios in between two pre-set rebalancing dates 30.06 and 31.12, you will not be notified.
As well, as you will not find an explanation for changes in your particular choice. This is what our paid-for option with the Premium Access offers.

The Paid-For Option – Premium Access

The Premium Access has all the same features as the Free Basic Access. On top of that we offer an individual monitoring of your selected solution (s).

In practice this involves a notification whenever the robot AIS receives new information that critically (beyond threshold) alter the portfolio composition. You will further receive a Newsletter with financial and an economic explanation of changes. Including new expectations of risk and return, on various horizons.

Welcome. We hope you will find the site inspiring.

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